iOS Tips and Tricks

When it comes to using your iPhone, some things are just unknown. How do you change certain settings, especially when Google doesn’t seem to be helpful? This article is here to give you five (5) tips and tricks that you might find useful in your day-to-day use of your Apple Product.

How to get rid of 6 digit passcode and create alphabetical one

Want to make your password more than just four (4) digits? Want to make it a word or phrase? Well, this is the simple way you can.

Navigate to Settings using the Settings Application, then click on Face ID and Passcode. If you have an older iPhone, Touch ID and Passcode then click Change Password. Next, click Password Options to change your type of password. Now those nosy friends of yours can’t access your phone that easily.

How to increase battery on iPhone

More often than not, during a long day of use, your iPhone battery just seems to give up. Fortunately, the user has the ability to preserve the battery by making a few changes in Settings.

  1. Turn down the brightness on your device.

  2. Close apps when you're not using them. Allowing apps to run in the background drains your battery. To close apps, double click your home button and swipe up on the windows you don't want to run when not in use. You can also turn off Background App refresh for some apps by navigating to Settings then to General, and then click Background App Refresh. This will also prevent apps from refreshing their data constantly. You can either turn off the function entirely or only for specific apps. This way any apps that need the background data can work and the ones that are idle or just causing disruption can be turned off.

3. You can also turn off location tracking apps in Settings. Go to Settings, then to Privacy, and then go to Location Services. You can choose to disable Location Services as a whole or only on specific apps. This helps with battery life as your phone isn’t always updating your location unnecessarily.

How to create custom ringtones for people on your contacts

Sometimes you just need to know who’s calling without looking. Maybe you are driving or doing something that you can’t look at your phone. But what if it’s someone who is extremely important? A boss, a sick friend/family, etc. Well, changing your ringtones can help drastically. Create custom ringtone patterns for everyone in your Contacts so you can tell who is calling without looking at your phone. Go to your contacts. Select a Contact, click Edit, scroll down to Ringtone or Text Tone, click Vibration, then click Create New Vibration. This will help customize your phone so you know who is calling.

Automatic Do Not Disturb

The danger of being distracted behind the wheel is very prevalent for both teens and adults. Many of these distractions are a result of our smartphone notifications. Luckily the iPhone has the ability to sense when you’re moving at an accelerated rate and could automatically turn on “Do Not Disturb.” This function has the ability to save lives and should be turned on for every driver who uses a smartphone.

To activate “Do Not Disturb” automatically when driving, navigate to Settings, then Do Not Disturb, press Activate and, then Automatically.

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