Freshman/New Student Help

Entering high school is a tough transition. Even if you are already a high school student transferring, some technological aspects may be different. Well, have no fear, this article is going to get you on track and ready to use your computer in the best way possible.

Where to Start

Every student entering Ramapo High School (once the forms and payments are complete) receives a well-conditioned Apple laptop. Students have an account set up on their laptop with their full name. Using the school issued password, type it exactly as scripted, capitals and all.

Computer Personalization

This is a basic guide to personalizing your computer to use it to your preferences. This will help with organization and efficiency for after and during school.

Pressing command + space (⌘ + space), clicking the small magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your desktop and typing system preferences in either one OR pressing the apple symbol and selecting system preferences in the drop down tab brings you to system preferences.

To change displays and to mirror your screen, click here. (insert article link to mirroring article)

Next, there is the Dock. That is where your preferred or most used applications can be found. To organize this “dock,” you can remove application by simply clicking and holding an application you do not want and dragging it towards your desktop where it will turn a sort of transparent icon and say “remove.”To add an application simply open your applications folder on the dock or search through Spotlight. Drag the application icon onto the dock and hold it there until a visible space has opened for the application. Then release. You can also drag folders onto the dock from the desktop for easy use the same way, except dragging from the desktop.

This about wraps it up! Now you know some of the mere FAQ about your computer that can be easily solved! In the case you want to personalize your computer even more, click this link. (Insert link to video and article)

To learn more about us, we will be at our helpdesk on Fridays during lunch! And, you can also make an appointment for afterschool. Hope to see you soon!

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