How to get           printing!

Step #1. Find yourself a .stl file.

These are 3D Printing files that can either be created or found on websites like

Step #2. Upload your .stl to your Google Drive.

You also may instead email the file to your email account.

Step #3. Find a 3D Printer!

3D Printers can be found in the Library Media Center Classroom and on the Raider Genius Bar Table. *For Dual Extruder 3D Printing, talk to a RGB Member or Faculty Advisor*

Step #4. Login to your Google Drive or Email on a Private Browsing Tab on one of the 3D Printing Computers, and Dowload your .stl file.

Remember to use a private browsing tab so your login info is not saved on the computer!

Step #5. Open CURA on the 3D Printing Computer and upload your .stl file.

Your file can be upload using the upload button on the top right corner of the CURA software. 

Step #6. Within CURA scale and rotate your 3D printing file to fit on the print bed. 

Make sure that the estimated printing time based on the size of your print does not exceed the time remaining in the school day.

Step #7. Flip the red power switch on the 3D Printer, and then hit Command ⌘ P to open the printing menu.

Make sure to hit the connect button within the printing menu if the print button is grayed out.

Step #8. Place blue painters tape down on the surface of the print bed, and hit the print button to start your 3D Print.

Make sure that the print bed is cleared of any previous prints or debris before hitting the print button. 

Step #9. Pickup your completed 3D Print!

Sometimes 3D Prints can get stuck and become very difficult to remove from the surface of the print bed, if you encounter this issue please find an RGB Member or Faculty Advisor to assist you in the removal of your print!

*Remember to have common courtesy, and treat other's prints as you would want your's to be treated*

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